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Adobe introduces content-aware fill feature for removing objects from videos

Adobe introduces content-aware fill feature for removing objects from videos

Adobe released the content-aware fill feature for Photoshop more than a decade ago. The idea was to draw a line across an object in a still image and let Photoshop do its job by removing that object from the image. Fast forward to 2019, Adobe has introduced the same feature but for videos on Adobe After Effects that works great.

After Effects allows users to upload video footage and use the content-aware fill feature to remove a selected object via Photoshop and its massively complex programming that enables this feature to work. To put things into perspective, removing an object from a still image is easy as Photoshop has a single frame to render where it removes an object, fills it with what it has analyzed as a situation background using the surrounding pixels.

However, videos are complex as they are made up of hundreds and thousands of frames that make the tool to remove objects a little tricky. This is because After Effects is required to remove an object from each frame and replace it with pixels around the patched area that resonates to the motion of the video so that the edited video footage could make sense.

The new Adobe Effects version brings a similar content-aware fill feature for videos where it takes help from Photoshop to mask a selected area as a reference frame and uses its programming to remove the said object. Anyhow, although some pixels might be left after the procedure, it is still a way to do it which is convincing enough.

The new content-aware tool can automatically render the image or the users can actually use Photoshop to carefully selected an object to remove, use quick healing tool to buff out any inconsistency and import it to After Effects as a reference frame. Once imported, users can select the content-aware fill feature on the left-hand side and use it in ‘Perspective’ mode to analyze and render the video footage which might take a few minutes but the results are exciting.

Adobe introduced a number of features such as auto-ducking for Ambience, Freeform Project Panel, and more in its creative apps family that includes After Effects, Photoshop CC, Premiere Pro, Character Animator, and others.

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