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Advertisers are boycotting YouTube after a video showing pedophilia catches fire

Finally, a win to YouTube users after major brands such as Nestle, Epic Games, Walt Disney, and others pulled their ads being displayed on children’s videos after a video showcasing YouTube exploitative recommendation system came to light.

YouTuber Matt Watson posted a video on his channel ‘MattsWhatIsIt’ a couple of days ago showcasing how YouTube shows videos that are sexually explicit or otherwise even to a fresh user. He blamed the algorithm that YouTube users to showcase a list of recommended videos wherein pedophilia is common across commenters.

He pointed out videos showing young girls doing anything from playing twister, gymnastics or any ask task where remarks and comments direct the user to girl’s legs or backside, etc. In fact, the New York Times also pointed out how such children videos have comments carrying either direct, indirect, or even sexually suggestive emojis. He pointed out how multinational brands are showing their ads on such videos while YouTube is keeping mum on such comments left across the platform possibly by pedophiles.

In 2017, hundreds of brands pulled plugs on their ads being showcased on YouTube after a string of problematic videos. However, YouTube assured the brands that they have worked towards facelifting the algorithm that detects such commenters, channels, and accounts and takes punitive actions against the same. However, the video itself seen by more than 2.4 million people is living proof that pedophilia is widely common on YouTube.

YouTube comments on the said allegations after he stated that YouTube removes and disables hundreds of millions of comments every quarter, it has banned more than 400 YouTube channels who left comments on the said videos and has reported it to the NCMEC.

Also, YouTube deals with comments by flagging it if they violate their policies which had resulted in millions of comments getting deleted and some even had their accounts suspended or termination based on the severity. It regularly removes lewd remarks to prevent innocent people from reading it and more.

On the other hand, critics to Matt’s video blamed him for the reduced revenue after posting the video. They further added that they themselves flag those comments and pedophiles, however, they wouldn’t post a separate video to draw media attention towards the matter which is something Matt did.

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