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After Gmail, Facebook went down yesterday along with Instagram and WhatsApp

After Gmail, Facebook went down yesterday along with Instagram and WhatsApp

Imagine how would it feel if suddenly a major social networking site goes down? Take Facebook for instance which has several billion users and counting. Now, include Instagram and WhatsApp in this list as well. That’s what happened on March 13 (Yesterday) when suddenly, these three social networking sites under Facebook began to go down worldwide although not everyone was affected.

After reporting the same for Gmail, Google Drive, and YouTube the other day, we discovered that the trio Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp went down on Wednesday at 11 a.m. ET when began to report affected users facing difficulty in using these sites/apps. According to the website that detects the outage, Mexico, United States, Japan, and Australia were hit along with other countries around the globe.

To put things into the prospect for those who aren’t following us, people began to observe issues ranging from difficult to log into their profiles on Facebook, blank newsfeed, unable to like on friend’s posts, are few of the issues they encountered on Facebook. On the other hand, Whatsapp users found it difficult to send and receive messages on its instant messaging platform. Finally, people begin to discover difficulty in loading news feed on Instagram as it won’t load while a majority of users faced complications in logging in to your Instagram handle. One of the fellow Instagram users found it the hard way as he thought that he could access Instagram just fine if he logs out and logs back in, however, he was unable to log in for quite a while.

Since all the major social networking under Facebook went down, Facebook actually tweeted about the issue and assured that it is not a DDoS attack and they are working towards resolving the issue. Instagram tweeted that it is frustrating to not being able to use Instagram. About the current states, WhatsApp appears to be reaching normalcy although users are still facing difficulty with it in some parts of the world.

The number of reports posted on DownDetector for Facebook and Instagram is coming down as well although Facebook hasn’t publicly acknowledged it yet so we will have to wait for some time to receive an official confirmation about the resume of services.

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