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Australian consumers could buy a Galaxy S10 Plus now to upgrade to S10 5G for free

Samsung has planned to not introduce the Galaxy S10 5G into the global market except Australia where Telstra the largest telecom company will be providing its customers an option to use the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. The company stipulates that customer buying Galaxy S10 Plus now through Telstra will get free Samsung Galaxy S10 5G to their account when it is launched in the near future. There is a good chance that customers in Australia get to use S10 5G since Telstra is the largest telecommunications company in Australia and also operates the nation’s most extensive wireless network.

So once the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is launched and available, the customer will have to return his/her Galaxy S10 Plus in good working order, and in exchange, it will be upgraded to the S10 5G. Samsung S10 5G will be then attached to their Telstra account instead of the S10 Plus. The positive fallout is that when the customer makes the switch from the 4G device to the 5G one, the Telstra contract will not extend automatically.

In our opinion, this looks out to be a fantastic deal on behalf of Telstra customers. The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is planned to be a far better upgrade that Samsung Galaxy S10 plus in many ways. Samsung has added an extra camera lens and a larger display. Galaxy S10 5G will be priced higher than the S10 Plus. It means that the customers shall be getting S10 5G at a discount while they are still using S10 Plus. Out of all the service providers, it’s only Telstra that offering this kind of promotion.

The lowest priced plan that comes with the Galaxy S10 Plus costs AU$104 (~$74) per month for total service and at device cost of AU$2,496 (~$1,784) over two years.

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