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Epic Games is adding ‘The Baller’ in Fortnite on March 12

Epic Games is adding 'The Baller' in Fortnite on March 12

After Epic Games vaulted X-4 Stormwing and Shopping Cart vehicles on Fortnite at the start of Season 8, the developers have yet another asset joining when the next update comes on March 12 aka Season 8.

According to the leaks, Epic Games will release a new vehicle called “The Baller” at the onset of the next season which appears bizarre with a glass ball with a grappler-like object attached at a place possibly with a shooting mechanism at the place. The post reads “Round and round we go, Roll through the competition with the newest vehicle, The Baller” alongside a picture of the same.

This is in reference to the leak asserted by FortniteIntel a few days away teasing Epic Games of working on a HamsterBall which of course people didn’t give much of a thought, however, it seems like the developers are actually working on it.

The reference also asserted about a so-called charging mechanism and after a latest Fortnite update, we have already seen structures that seem like fueling stations and thus, it is possible these stations are for The Baller which will function for a limited time before running out of juice either becoming useless or it would need recharge similar to how PUBG players need to fill the fuel tank of their vehicles if they run out of it although there is no dedicated station to do the same.

Next bit of information is the shooting mechanism that resembles a grappler that will be pointed onto the enemy and the players will be able to pull the trigger to shoot at others while in the vehicle. Fortnite will get its next update on March 12 for Season 8 which is presumably the same time when Fortnite players will get to use The Baller for the first time as well.

Recently, Apex Legends which is a battle royale game, made a reckoning history by achieving 50 million users in a month while Fortnite took several months to achieve it. There are currently more than 200 million users on Fortnite and counting. It is available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

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