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Spotify is launching its music streaming service in India at $1.67/mo

Spotify is launching its music streaming service in India at $1.67/mo

After almost two years of its rumored onset and a year after it announced it, Swedish music streaming service Spotify is finally in India. Launched on Wednesday (Feb 27), Spotify India will compete against its major rivals such as Apple Music, Gaana, JioSaavn, Amazon Music, and others in India. It will bring a lot onboard and not just its seasoned music streaming service, especially for India.

Unlike other countries where Spotify operates, Spotify India will have a free tier ‘Spotify India’. It will allow users to listen to any songs from any genre covering all regional, Bollywood, Hollywood, International and more.

According to VentureBeat, Spotify is quoting a premier tier of Rs 119 ($1.67) in India for a month which is roughly one-fifth of what it quotes in the U.S. i.e. at $9.99/mo, $11.30/mo in France, and $13.25 in U.K. In fact, it will bring an affordable daily and weekly premium services at Rs 13 and Rs 39 respectively.

Spotify is facing a number of challenges due to the likes of Apple Music around the globe. Also, it faced a number of challenges before unraveling its services in India after Warner Music filed for an injunction at the Bombay High Court. Warner Bros packed in a number of high-profile artists including Led Zeppelin, Katy Perry, however, the court adjourned the injunction in favor of Spotify which reflected the final launch in India.

Spotify has signed up will almost every major record label in India and internationally. It will bring Indian artists music on Spotify while bringing international music in the country. According to statistics, it adds around 30,000 tracks every day. It has prepared more than 40 million songs for the Indian market with almost 300 crore playlist ready to shuffle the music into your ears on a click.

It is estimated to get 150 million people in India to use various music streaming services daily in revenue of $130.7 million alone by Indian music. It is a great prospect to Spotify which is looking to gain more users and thus the revenue. You can download the app right now so hurry.

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