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Spotify is testing out ‘Premium Duo’ subscription plan for couples

Spotify is testing out 'Premium Duo' subscription plan for couples

A Redditor u/Hasztagg sported Spotify offering a subscription tier called Premium Dup which as the name suggest, is specially tailored for couples or say, two people living in the same vicinity. According to The Verge, the new subscription tier targets the monthly plan at €12.49 which is right between the subscription for its Solo and family tier. As said, a Redditor found out about the tier as it is being tested in Poland.

Apparently, Premium Spotify charges €9.99 for its solo subscription plan while a smothering six-member Family plan cost just €14.99. However, Spotify has to deal with people sharing their Spotify accounts with others who aren’t their family members or not living at the same address.

Furthermore, since according to the pricing trend, Spotify has been quoting a price right in the middle of two popular plans where two people can enjoy listening to songs on the music streaming app without paying a sum of €14.99 with four or fewer slots empty. Also, the said couple’s plan dubbed as Premium Duo is being tested in Poland, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, and Ireland, and we could hope for its global rollout as well, however, there is no set timeline yet. It will offer equivalent subscription plans for the U.S. as well such as $9.99 for Solo, $14.99 for Family, $4.99 for Student. Premium Spotify might rollout the couple’s Premium Duo subscription plan at $14.49 based on the pricing scheme that the music streaming site offers.

There are a number of significant features that Premium Duo will bring such as a new playlist called Duo Mix that will be auto-generated and auto-updated based on user’s listening habits. The playlist will be updated timely with songs from both the partners. Also, there are filters allowing users to select between various song option such as Upbeat, Chill, etc.

Have a distinct taste in music that you want your partner to listen? Premium Duo allows creating shared playlists that must do its job as well. Spotify is currently one of the biggest music streaming services that rivals with Apple Music, JioSaavn, etc. Spotify is also targeting average revenue generated per user metric to quantify its success quotient as well prior to its podcasting acquisitions and more.

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