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Why may you purchase a 5G Phone in 2020?

It seems that yesterday only, the 4G networks were launched and the smartphone manufacturing companies are all set to launch the 5G networks as well. 

The technology is changing so fast that most of the people are getting confused about whether they should buy one of these handsets or not. 

It is not only the 5G network that is going to be launched, but 5G ready phones are also arriving in the meantime. When the 5G network speeds were tested, the download speed topped a minimum of 300 Mbps in numerous locations, and it increased to 600 Mbps in some cases. 

Previously, Qualcomm anticipated that it would take some time for the smartphones to use a 5G 7-series chipset, but the plan has moved up. HMD Global, Oppo, Motorola, and other nine hardware partners have agreed to release such devices that use a 5G 7-series chipset. 

Qualcomm is also going to rebrand its 5G solutions so that it could become more comfortable for the users to follow the guidelines. 

The 5G network is offering such a high-speed network that it downloaded a 33-minute video of Netflix in just 43 seconds (according to a verified source). The same took 13 minutes and 30 seconds when downloaded from an LTE network. 

You might want to take a pass on buying a 5G phone because 5G may be the future, but right now, we are living in the present. And 5G has to grow a lot. But if you have decided to buy one, you are not making a mistake. 

We must thank the upcoming chipsets because very soon, we are going to witness some of the fantastic devices in a range of prices with 5G support as well. The smartphones will be much more than just a typical device having an internet connection. 

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